Podpoint charger

Podpoint Solo

7kw, tethered or untethered

From £490


Pod Point allows you to refine your home EV charging with these cleverly designed chargers. Available in 3.6kW and 7kW, tethered and untethered

These Wi-Fi smart chargers allow users to keep on top of electricity usage and streamline charging. The Pod Point PEN isolation system allows safety and protection without the need for an earth rod installation.

Auto Power Balancing adjusts the rate of charge to avoid overloading your electrical supply when your home is using a lot of energy.

3 year warranty as standard. Upgrade to 5 years for £80 available


Charging power – 7kW single phase
Input voltage – 230V AC Single Phase
Supply frequency – 50 Hz
Rated current – 32A max
Over voltage protection – Internal Dynamic
Degree of protection – IP54
RCD – 30mA Type A RCD + 6mA DC protection (EN 62955)
Leakage protection – 6mA DC
Auto power balancing – internal enabled

Connector – Socket/plug Type 2
Cable length 7.5m
Dimensions (H x W x D) – 360mm X 360mm X 150mm
Weight – 5kg
Charging interface type – Tethered, IEC 62196/Type 2
Colour – Black and Grey

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