Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

We have many years experience installing electric vehicle charging points. As the majority of the charging of your EV car will be at home, it is essential that you choose South Lincs Contracting as we have the necessary experience and knowledge to carry out a safe and efficient installation.

However, charging your EV at work, is also necessary as well. Installing the correct commercial EV charger is essential to proving a hassle free work environment.

As we are OZEV approved, you maybe eligible for a grant towards the cost of your charge point installation. If you are eligible, up to £350 can be deducted from the cost. We carry this out on your behalf so these is an easy and simple process for the customer.


We supply and fit a variety of EV Charging products.

Big Benefits!

Cut your Fuel Expenses

EV vehicles cost a fraction of fuel. Also, take advantage of low Benefit In Kind (BIK) tax on electric vehicles

Environmentally Friendly

No emission being emitted by the vehicles therefore environmentally friendly

Plug in to the future

Switch to electric and discover a cheaper, greener way to get around

Future-proof your Environment

With EV charging facilities for residents and businesses

We are Certified